Beginner Jazz Routine

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This beginner jazz routine is taught by dance expert Olivia Corcoran. She will first teach your the combination count-by-count, and then will demonstrate the combination. Jump rope 1-2, step and cross your arms 3-4, tornado 5-6, prep 7-8. Double pirouette 1-2, land 3-4, chest pop with arms 5-8. Swing through 1-2, chugs with shoulder 3-4, walk 5-6 to pitch kick to the back 7-8. Tornado back to the front 1-2, walk back as your point to the front 3-4, walk facing the back 5-7, prep to jump 8. Jump back to the front around yourself 1-2, snake up 3-4, slide to the front 5-6, three step turn 7-8. Swing arms with hips 1-3, together 4, run 5-6, arabesque jump 7-8. Passe 1-2, pa de bourree 3-4, together 5, prep to the corner 6, double coupe turn 7-8. Reach up 1-2, walk back 3-5, up 6 to look over your shoulder 7-8.