Beginner Level Ballet Dance Routine | Belonging

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This dance routine is great for a beginner ballet dancer who wants to put their technique to use in a routine. Ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch will walk you through the steps and demonstrate the skills needed for this beginner level dance routine.

For this beginner routine, you will start in fifth position facing the right corner while tonduing your right foot out. You’ll hold 1, pique 2-3-4-5-6-7, close to fifth position on 8. Next you will bourree for one eight count. From there you will do four changements, tondue the right foot then passe. You will repeat the changements, tondue and passe one more time. After that, you’ll plie 1-2, arabesque 3-4, other side plie 5-6, arabesque 7-8. From there you will touch the ground with points and then walk around your self, ending in fifth position with your right foot in front. Next Elizabeth walks you through echappe’s. After the echappe’s you will split the group into two groups. The first group will do two chaines into an arabesque. Now that the groups are together, everyone will saute arabesque to the left and then the right. Lastly, step through, petite develop the leg and close in fifth position to finish the combination.

Keep in mind that when you bourree, you should keep the knees together. A bourree should be only small movements of the feet. You should also be thinking about where your upper body should be in relation to your lower body. As Elizabeth Quinn Welch demonstrates this routine, you can see that she is keeping her upper body lifted and clam, but also allowing herself to move to the music. Having the musicality to allow yourself to move with the music is what will help take your dancing to the next level.