Beginner Level Tendu Combination

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There are many derivations that you can do for tendu combinations. Ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch takes you through a beginner level tendu combination in this video. Watch as she demonstrates each position of this tendu combination and see how she utilizes her center core to really isolate the stretching of her foot. She recommends for beginners to do four tendus in each direction, which allows for greater focus on alignment, and keeping hips still as well as rotation.

Helpful Tips:

Make sure the leg is straight when you go out and when you bring it back into first position. Also, it is important to remember to engage your glute muscles and you are lifting up on your supporting leg. This allows you to have room to close your leg with a straight leg. If you sit into your hip, you won’t have room to bring your leg in; resulting in bending of the leg. Use this beginner level tendu combination today to work on stretching through your feet and enhancing your ballet technique.