Contemporary Dance Combo | Love Is True

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Contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance that embodies strength, control, and creativity. Dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you a short contemporary dance combo that she choreographed especially for you! It’s time to try something new and learn this beautifully choreographed contemporary dance to the song Love Is True.

For this video, Ali goes through each step with counts as well as with the words in the music. Go through each movement with Ali and follow along with her dancers. For this contemporary dance combination, Ali describes it as a “feel good” combo and expresses how you can add your own flavor to make this routine your own!

See how this dance encompasses a great deal of upper body movement as well as floor work. Be sure to extend through your arms and let your body go. Once you have gone through and learned the dance with Ali, watch Ali’s dancers or follow along with them as they perform the dance with music. Become inspired with this routine and we hope you enjoy this contemporary dance combo!