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This contemporary dance is really flowy, as well as a few hard hitting moments. This routine is counted in six, so be sure you’re aware of that! You start with your feet apart and your head down. You hold 1-3, look up 4-6. From there, you reach right, right left and bring your wrists towards your face. Next, you flip your hands to rond de jambe around, to step on your right foot, to flip around to the front and release down. Next, you lift through the elbows to come straight up and take a breathe. Next, you ball change right left as your arms swing open, take another ball change as your arms come in and at the last moment, you flip your wrists. After that, you contract over as you swing your left arm around your head and swing through the left side of your body and melt it down slowly. Next, look over your right shoulder to take two walks forward. From there, circle your right shoulder and arm as is comes to your heart. Then, you swipe it over your heart and reach out to your right. From there, push up into relve as your right foot flexes and you lift up into the air. After that, you turn and wrap your arms around your center, lift up and over, away from your right side. Next, bring your body over to the right side to go onto the ground and sit on your heels and look over the left shoulder, sharply. Then, clasp your hands above your head as you contract and take two hits down, releasing back on the last one. Then stand up any way you would like facing the front. Now, you balancé to both sides with your right arm on your forehead. From there you will step on your right foot and you lift your chest and head up as you spin around to the front. From there, you jump backwards as your right foot releases forward. Next, ball change to open up your chest, followed by a moment and a few walks forward. Next reach right, left, cut back in and open to the side. Prepare to spin on your left foot as you go to your right knee. Your right arm will hit the first ascent, your left hand flips yourself onto your stomach and the last accent releases you to the ground as you contract.