Contraction Combo

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This is an across the floor combo that focuses on using your movement. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will be explaining how to work contractions into this combo. To start, you will do four ball changes with your arms releasing in front of you as you contract. From there, you will step on your right to grab your left leg, step onto your left to grab your right leg, reach up to melt on your left arm and reach up to melt on your right arm. To finish the combo, you will prep for a double coupe turn, land in a wide second plie position, to roll up with your feet parallel. Some things to think about while doing this combo is to use your plie every time you contract. When you do contractions, think about getting your frontal ribs to touch your hip bones. Breathing all the air out of your lungs also helps to make it seem more effective to an audience. Really think about moving through quick sand when going across the floor with this combo.