Jump Mechanics

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This video is meant to teach you ways to get higher jumps, as well as describe the mechanics to get higher jumps. When you are in a plie position, your ankles, knees and hips must be hinged in order to go up. The other thing to think about is that everything needs to straighten to execute beautiful jumps. If either your ankles, knees or hips don’t extend, there will be one least one technical issue with your leaps. If your ankles don’t straighten, you will have flexed feet. If your knees don’t straighten, you won’t have pretty lines. If your hips don’t extend/straighten, you will be hunched over. To make sure you straighten your ankles, knees and hips, think about extended through your entire body before you reach the peak of your jump. With all of this being said, the deeper your plie, the higher jump you will have.