Advanced Contemporary Combo

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This is an advanced contemporary routine taught by dance expert, Brittney Schubert.

You will start by doing a little jump to the right, circle your left arm all the way up and around, drop to the side and contract up slowly with your head being the last thing to come up. From here, you’ll ron de jambe into a swivel turn to drop to the floor and roll to the back and extend your left leg up as high as you can. To get out of that, you will roll over your right shoulder to stand back to the front.

Next, you will take two steps as your arms come to your chest, elbows click up to then melt out. This is on “it mean to be a good man.” You will then step back with your left foot, prep on your right foot to do a single coupe turn into a nice arabesque. Step across with your left foot and reach your left arm down to grab on “again.”

Left arm goes out, right arm goes out, arms circle up and through, left foot flexes out as your arms reach out, step to turn around and hit with arms out to the front on the word “done.” After this, your arms crack above your head on “best” to drop down and do two scoop with your feet, right then left.

From there, you will do a tour with your arms up, land and step back with your left leg to ron de jambe around, right elbow hits side, left elbow hits and then you throw your arms to the right.

Step on your left foot, circle your head around with hand on head and rebound body to two steps back, left arm comes to chest, left arm opens up to close on “friend.” Then, you circle your arm into turn your body to lift your left foot. Next, you take two steps forward, turn around with flexed foot, step to the front corner, glissade to the right, two chest pulses, arms release up, and scoot back to reach up to end the combination.