Yoga Ball Exercise

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Yoga balls are great for core work as well as balancing challenges. Yoga instructor Jessica Doud will demonstrate a few ways to use a yoga ball!

To start, lay on your back and place the ball between your feet. Reach the ball up and pass it to your hands as you slowly lengthen your heels to the mat. Continue switching to pass the ball. This is a great core workout that challenges a stable core.

A different exercise is a plank on the ball. Your feet should be on the ball. From the plank position, lift your hips to a pike position. You can also bring your legs up to a diagonal position.

Another exercise helps to find movement in your spine. This is a great exercise to help with backbends. You will place your back on the ball and release your head behind you. Take your hands behind your head with your fingers facing your shoulders. You want to keep your elbows facing forward. To feel more of a stretch, bring your heels closer to the ball and extend.

The last exercise is to pulse and lift, almost like a crunch movement. You can also hold in this position as well to strengthen the core muscles.

Your breath is your biggest guide. If you feel faint and out of breath, relax for a minute so you are not overwhelming yourself. Start where you are rather than starting where you want to be.