Foot Warm Up Drill 2

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This foot warm up drill focuses on articulating your feet. This can be done during dance or before dance to get your feet moving!

You will start in pike position with your feet pointed. From there, you will reach back with your toes to push your foot back as far as you can. After that, you will reverse it down to demi point and then finally to a full point.

You can do this one leg at a time so you can really focus on each point. It is recommended to do 10-15 on each side. This drill really focuses on the inner arch of your foot.

If you have any sort of elastic band, you can wrap this around your foot to add extra resistance.

Once you have completed this portion, you can add a roll with the exercise. This will include starting in pike position with your feet pointed, turning out to first position, flexing your feet, come up parallel, demi point and fully point.

Again, you can do 10-15 on each side and reverse the other way to work a different set of muscles.