Yoga Exercises

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This yoga exercise will help with flexibility, control and finding your breath when you move.

You will begin in an extended child’s pose to release your hips. You want to think about extending your entire body while you rest your forehead on the mat. From here, you will take a deep breath to move into tabletop. Be sure to stack shoulders over hips and elongate your body. You will then move into some exercises for your back by moving through cat-cow.

Once you are back in a neutral spine, you’ll move into downward dog. Arms should be in front of you as you push your heels down to the floor. Move into ragdoll and let your head hang heavy as you swing from side to side.

Next, you will roll up nice and slow. Inhale to relax your shoulders to move into mountain pose. Press down in your shoulders and reach your arms up. Forward fold to halfway lift. Then, move into high plank, to into low plank and finally to downward dog.

From there, you will move to the top of your mat, halfway lift, fold, inhale chair pose. For chair pose, you want your knees behind your toes. Next, exhale airplane arms to the back, inhale chair pose, forward fold, half way lift, high to low plank to up down and then downdog.

You will do this next portion on both sides of your body. Inhale right leg high with your hips squared, not turned out. Exhale low lunge, inhale crescent lunge, exhale warrior two. Your heel should be in a straight line to your arch. Reverse warrior, high to low plank into updog, then downdog.

After that, you will move into stretching. Lay down on your mat to move into supine half pigeon by crossing your ankle over your knee. From there, you’ll move into happy baby close by grabbing your feet, ankles or quads, depending on flexibility. From there, you’ll move into supine spinal twist by extending one leg and hugging the other ones before you twist your body to one side.

After that, you will come back to center to roll into a tight ball. To end you will move into corpse pose - be completely still to recover the mind and body.