Beginning Frappé

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Frappé is a combination that helps to train your legs, as well as your feet. Elizabeth Quinn Welch will demonstrate a frappe for beginners.

There are two types of ballet: Vaganova and Cecchetti. This combination will first be shown for the Vaganova method, but will then be demonstrated for the Cecchetti method.

You will start by facing the bar 5-6, tendu side 7, wrap in coupe 8. In the Vaganova method you do not flex your foot, instead your feet wrap. Your heel should be touching the front of your leg and your toes should be wrapped around the back of your leg.

You will wrap 1, tendu to the side 2, close in first position 3 and hold 4. You will repeat this four times on the right and four times on the left. The goal is to keep your movement sharp and precise and to be sure your muscles are remaining engaged.

For Cecchetti method, you would flex your foot in a coupe position 1, the ball of your foot hits the ground as your strike out to the side 2, close is first position 3 and hold 4.