Kick Splits

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This is a flexibility drill to help people work on their flexibility as it pertains to kicks. Dance expert, Haley Moorse, will demonstrate the difference between a normal split and a kick split.

In a normal split, your front leg is facing up and your back leg is slightly turned out. Many dancers who have flat normal splits are always curious as to why they’re kicks aren’t high if their splits are flat. The answer to this is because a normal split does not have the proper kick technique. If you were to stand up from a normal split, there would be a lot wrong with the technique.

If you’re looking to increase kick flexibility, you need to think about aligning your body in correct kick technique while in the splits.

Go down on one knee with your hips facing the front and slide down into your splits. The goal is to keep your back knee facing the ground.

For more of a challenge, you can flex the back foot. This will give the hip flexor a little bit more of a stretch.