Pull Backs

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In this tap dance how to, you will learn how to successfully complete a pull back. Tap expert, Kaleena Miller will talk you through many tips on how to complete a pull back. One way to practice to get the correct feeling of a pull back is to start on the balls of your feet and think about straightening and pulling up and a little bit back. Start in a plie and then straighten your legs as you pull back a little and catch yourself on your toes. Think about a bend and slap feeling as you try this motion. As you pull back, this should create a catch sound. Your heels should not be used at all during a pull back. If you’re not making any sound as you practice the bend and slap, this means you’re not leaving enough room for your toes to make the correct sound. There should be a little slice of air underneath your tap shoe to create the catch noise. Once you feel you have gotten the correct motion, you want to take the slap into the air and land. You want to think about pulling back over a small, steep mountain. There should be two distinct sounds of the pull and the landing after that. If this is a new move for you, it can sometimes be most helpful to first try it with a surface to lean on. Holding onto something that can help hold your weight so you can get used to the pull back motion is very beneficial for dancers to get a correct feel. A ballet barre, table or any other surface would work well for this.