Time Steps

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In this tap dance how to video, you will learn the parts of a time step. Tap expert, Kaleena Miller will explain how to learn a time step for beginners and for intermediate level.

A time step is a basic tap movement that is utilized in many dance routines. In this video, Kaleena Miller explains how it’s best to start on your heel if you’re a beginner, even though a time step is more of a stomping motion. By starting on your heel, this helps to prevent putting all your weight on your front foot. The beginning of the time step starts with your right heel out, hopping on to the ball of your left foot and then stepping on the ball of your right foot. From there, you switch your weight to flap on your left foot and step on the ball of your right foot. Stomp, hop, step, flap and step. Once you feel you have correctly gotten the time step beginning with your heel, you can then try it with the stomp. Keep in mind that when you start with a stomp, you can’t let your weight shift to the front of you.

There are many variations that go along with the time step. You can either slow the time step down or speed it up to fit whatever music you are dancing to.