Projecting While Your Perform

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Dance expert Adina Belanger will give you tips on projection while you perform and how to practice like you’re performing. These two things go hand in hand with one another!

Projection is one of the main things that gets your ready for the stage. Your posture while you perform is one of the main things that will capture your audience. The poise of a dancer helps to allow the audience to interpret the story. Rather than telling yourself a story, tell the audience a story.

Performing in practice helps to create muscle memory. Because of this, you want to be sure to always do things full out. Constantly using strength throughout practice helps your dynamic and endurance.

A simple drill to help get the feel for projection is to look into a mirror and try to change the way you reach. Try opening up your chest and lifting your chin. Another tip is to always do things full out in practice. This helps muscle memory, which will overall help your performance.