How to Use a Foam Roller

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As dancers, it’s important to keep our bodies limber. One way to basically give yourself a massage is through foam rolling. There are many ways to foam roll, and Jessica Doud will show a few.

One way is to place the foam roller right at your hip and support your body weight with your elbows. Be cautious to stay far away from your knee cap in order to prevent injury. Roll back and forth to roll out your muscles. You can shift around to get your hamstrings and glutes as well.

Another way to foam roll is to roll your spine. This massages your back, as well as allows you to engage your core.

One more way is to place the foam roller under your armpit to roll down the side of your body.

The more you support yourself, the less it will burn. The more weight you have on the foam roller, the more you will feel the massage.