Core Control Combo

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This combination involves moves on the floor without the use of arms. Dance expert, Adina Belanger, will demonstrate this core control combination.

The combination will begin with ball change 1-2 with the arms down, two walks forward 3-4, release forward as you ball change 5-6 and ball change back on your right foot with your hands on your head 7-8. From there, you will roll to the right with your hands on your head the entire time. As soon as you stand up, you will roll to the left with your hands on your head the entire time as well. You will repeat this combination as many times as you can across the floor.

Throughout this combination you want to remain lifted in your upper body. It’s important to stay lifted and have your core engaged so you are able to stand up from the ground. This core control combination will help teach the importance of engaging your core. This combination involves being thrown off center and having to pick yourself back up quickly. Like you do in a dance, this combination has you moving quickly between each step to create a feeling like you will experience in choreography.

Having a strong core is important for dancers for many reasons. Having a good core promotes better balance, better alignment and more stability. Having a strong core also can help to prevent injury. When you use your core muscles correctly while dancing, it helps you from using the wrong muscles to execute moves which, will eventually cause damage to the body. This core control combination will help to get used to the feeling of engaging your core.