Développé How To

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Développé is a frequently used step in ballet as well as many other forms of dance. Although this is considered to be a relatively basic step, it can take a great deal of time to master. It’s important to have a strong understanding of this movement as it can lead to the enhancement of many other steps in ballet. In this video, expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch teaches you how to correctly execute a développé at the barre. You will begin in fifth position and have a straight spine. Be sure to focus on your alignment. Go through the movements of a développé with Liz and remember to peel your foot off the ground as you move into your coupe. When extending the leg forward, lead with your heel and keep your hip down as you move through your développés. Learn how to control your body and maintain a strong center as you go through this exercise with Liz. Also, learn how to do développés correctly to the front, side and to the back. Find out how you can make this développé exercise easier or more challenging depending on your class skill level.