Drills to Improve Your Dance Leaps

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Leaps are not only exciting to watch in dances but are also incredibly thrilling to execute. Working to advance in your leaps is always beneficial when striving to become a stronger dancer. In this video, dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you a number of different drills for improving your dance leaps.

Passé Drill
Ali begins with a drill that is excellent for working with younger dancers because it encourages them to take minimal runs into their leaps. Watch as Ali’s dancer demonstrates this first drill while focusing on her technique and rolling through her feet. Ali provides a few tips for dancers to think about when doing this exercise. For instance, thinking about controlling your upper body and shooting your body straight up rather than leaning your body forward. Find out how this drill allows you to work on your développé and the pop of your leaps. As a result of taking the momentum out of the equation, you have to really focus on using your plié as well as the développé to get up into the air.

Alternating Leaps Drill
Next, Ali teaches you another great drill for working to improve your dance leaps. This is a much more challenging drill that focuses on absorbing and controlling your energy. For this drill, you are alternating from your right leap to your left leap by using your landing as your prep for the next leap. Watch as Ali’s dancer demonstrates this exercise and see how important using your plié is for doing this drill.

Use these two different leap drills and have fun improving your dance leaps!