Échappé and Sus-sous Combination

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Echappes and sus-sous are a common jump in ballet. To hear tips from ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch on how to complete these on pointe, watch this video.

This exercise is meant to build strength and to engage with the ground. These types of jumps can be used in combinations for class or for parts in dance routines on stage. It’s important for dancers to be able to successfully complete these techniques.

For this combination in center, you will start in fifth position. First you will echappe four times. After that, you will sus-sous twice, then echappe once and sus-sous to finish the combination. You can repeat this as many times as you would like. It is best to do the combination at the end of class once your entire body is warmed up. It’s best for dancers to do the challenging stuff once every muscle in their body is warmed up and ready to go. If a dancer is not warmed up, it could lead to injury of other muscles.

When doing echappe and sus-sous, it best to think about sliding your feet up to releve rather than jumping onto the position. If one jumps on the position, it could injury their ankle. It could also cause a large amount of discomfort to the dancer.