Elite Jazz Combo

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This elite jazz combination is for dancers who are looking to challenge themselves through a fun, stylized, girl powered dance combo.

Start facing the front with your feet apart. You will pull your arms back to pop your chest and sit into your hips on 1-2, prep 3-4, quad pirouette 5-8. Plie into coupe 1, grab your right leg 2, passe 3-4 to face the back, step prep 5-6, chaine 7-8. Continue to chaine in plie 1-2, leap with front leg in attitude and allow your back leg to develop around 3-4, snake up 5-6, step out 7, step again 8 with your right arm up.

From here you will step behind yourself with your right foot 1, attitude back 2, step 3, swivel around yourself 4-5, prep 6, single or double pencil turn 7-8. Next, you will do an illusion 1-2, land 3-4, inside illusion 5-6, passe on 7, plie 8 to leap out of it on 1-2. Then you will prep to the back for a turn set on 3-4.

The turn set is: two opens to the back 5-8. Inside box 1-4 to get to the front, continue with opens to the front 5-8 as your arms alternate up. One more open 1-2 into a quad pirouette 3-6, chaine front 7-8 to do a little A jump 1-2.