Essential Barre Warm Up Exercises

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Prior to starting class and jumping into plies it’s a good idea to warm up your feet and ankles at the barre. Ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch takes you through two barre warm-up exercises,  well as provides helpful tips for getting the most out of these exercises. Begin in first position facing the barre. The first combination encompasses going into your half-point, to point, and then to half-point again before you lower. Make sure you aren’t pushing over the toes but really using your toe muscles to finish the point. Remember to keep your hips and your upper body calm as you do this barre warm-up exercise. Watch as Elizabeth demonstrates each step of the exercise and follow along with her. Continue on by going into your demi plie, then into your forced arch, releve and lower down. You will then do that portion of the exercise in reverse by going up to your releve, then your forced arch, demi plie, and stretch. Elizabeth addresses the importance of pushing into the floor and pressing over as far as your feet can go when doing your forced arch. Finish off this first exercise with releves.

Elizabeth demonstrates another barre warm-up exercise that also begins in the first position facing the barre. See how it stretches different parts of your feet compared to the first exercise. Find out the benefits of doing both warm-up exercises before going into your plies at the barre. Use these two barre warm-up exercises today!