Fan Kicks Intro

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This video teaches you how to properly execute a fan kick. Dance expert, Haley Moorse, demonstrates and walks you through the correct technique. Fan kicks begin by crossing to the opposite side of your body. You want to think about brushing the floor across your body and making a rainbow with your leg. Be careful not to form a “D” with your fan kick, think of forming an “O”. One thing to get your hips warmed up for fan kicks is doggy hip rolls. What you do is mimic the same motion of a fan kick, but you keep your knee bent. After that, it’s important to do closed kicks. This helps to create muscle memory for the beginning of your fan kick. Another tip is to do one fan at a time to get your kicks isolated, as well as continuing to warm up your body. As you feel you have the correct technique, add on as desired. You can start at one fan and gradually make your way up to two counts of eight. Fan kicks are one of the most beautiful kicks, IF executed properly. Work on improving technique as a team so you can use fans in your routine to enhance difficulty on your scoresheet.