Flick Kick Basics

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This video explains the proper technique needed for a flick kick. Dance expert, Haley Moorse, demonstrates the correct way to execute a flick kick, as well as drills to help you. A flick kick is one of the most challenging kicks because you do not begin with a straight leg, which uses different muscles than you usually do. A flick kick can not be done with lazy power, or else it will not look correct. You must use full force with the beginning and end of the kick. One thing to be aware of with flick kicks is to think up rather than out. Many dancers tend to flick up and let their leg drop down, but this is wrong. You want to flick up, but also flick back in. One drill to help with this is to have a teammate squat to the side of you and have you kick over them. By having someone next to you, this helps to be sure you will develop you leg both in and out.