Float in Forced Arch

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This combination will focus on a type of float called forced arch float. Dance expert, Grace Gilbertson, will teach a combo and go over the proper technique for this type of float. You will prep 6-7, turn 8-1, 2-3, plie 4 to go on forced arch to float 5-6 plie 7 open 8, plie 1 open 2, double pirouette 3-4, land 5. Things to think about during this exercise is to really pop your left heel while you’re in forced arch. You also want to think about plie on 7 so you can get back on track for the rest of the turn combination. When turning you should be aware of your alignment. Your core should always be engaged and your body should be stacked on top of eachother (ex: shoulders, ribs and hips in line). Your leg muscles and glutes should be engaged while you’re turning, too.