Forward Backward Upper Body Drill

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Upper body placement is key to executing kick technique properly. In this video, dance expert Haley Moorse, explains a drill to help with proper upper body alignment. There are a few different types of hunching that is common among dancers. The first kind is hunching only from the shoulders. This is when dancers shoulders are curving forward, think it is going to increase their height. These types of dancers need to think of pushing their shoulder blades back and down. The other kind of hunching is where you move your midsection to get closer to the leg. These types of dancers need to think of keeping their hips tucked under while kicking. One drill is to have dancers connect up in a line. The twist with this drill to have each dancer face a different way in the line. Once each dancer is facing different ways, then you can begin with very basic kicks, such as waste high straight kicks or opens. You can also work your way up to fans or hinges. Once the dancers begin to kick, they will feel tension between their arms if they dancers are hunching in any way. Overall, this drill allows for the dancers to become more aware of habits they have but might not be aware of. You can practice this drill once every practice, or until you feel hunching has gotten better, or is completely eliminated.