Hinge Basics

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Dance expert, Haley Moorse, explains the proper technique for a hinge kick. She will also demonstrate how to properly execute this difficult kick.

A basic hinge kick begins with an open kick. From there, the goal is to lock your leg as high as it is and hinge from the knee, without dropping the knee. You want to think about your toe pointing straight down and your knee as close to the armpit as possible.

One drill is to hold the bent leg position as high as possible. This works the proper muscles needed for this kick, as well as helps the dancer to feel if their alignment is correct.

After the first drill, add releves in that same position.

Another drill is to have the dancers focus on only one hinge kick. Have dancers connect up and hinge to the right 1-4, left 5-8 and repeat. This allows for the dancer to focus on getting the leg high while using proper technique before getting thrown into a long kick set. Once this one hinge kick is looking good, move on to hinge on the right 1-8, to hinge on the left 1-8.

These drills help to build endurance and strength for dancers who are wanting to execute this advanced kick properly.