Hip-Hop Warm Up

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This hip hop warm up includes some of the basic hip hop moves. Dance experts, Adina Belanger and Ali Geraets, will walk you through a step by step of the warm up routine.

This warm up is best utilized in the beginning of a hip hop class. This is also a tool to work on position, especially for getting low. Since this is a simple warm up, you can work on technique. Getting low is a huge part of hip hop and is a feeling that needs to be practiced. This is also meant to be a stamina builder to be done as long as you want it to be done.

This basic hip hop warm up will begin with stepping to the right and punching your arm in a hooking motion as you lift your knee. You will do this on both sides while bouncing and stay low. Next, you will step your right foot forward and bring both arms to a half T and bounce as you swipe your arms to your side and your knees comes up. You will do the same thing on the other side. From there, you will do a three step turn and clap on both sides. After that, you will dip as low as you can with your elbows on your knees, step to the left side and pop any way you want to. Lastly, you will walk back to prepare yourself for the repeat.

If the dance seems to be too hard with not enough breaks, you can add a step touch between every set of moves. This warm up is meant for you to personalize to your class. If you feel your class needs more difficulty you can repeat these steps as many times as you want. You could also choose a faster song for more of a challenge.