How to Do a Leg Hold

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Learning new skills is a great way to become a stronger, more well-rounded dancer. In this video, dance expert Ali Geraets teaches you how to do a leg hold or a leg grab hold. When it comes to doing this skill, flexibility is extremely important. However, for dancers who may struggle with flexibility, practicing this skill can greatly help increase flexibility. With that being said, it really comes down to how you are doing it.

Begin by learning the correct body placement for doing a leg hold. For those of you who may not be as flexible, don’t compensate your flexibility with your upper body. Be sure to use your arm muscles to pull your leg in. Find out how the closer you grab to your ankle, the lighter your leg is going to be. Watch as Ali’s dancer demonstrates how to do a leg hold with straight body alignment. See the leg grab hold being demonstrated. See a few different variations of leg grabs - front leg grab, side leg grab and side leg grab with stacking of the hips. It’s time to learn how to do a leg hold correctly! Don’t forget to keep working that flexibility to strengthen your core and execute leg grab holds with ease!