How to Do a Pirouette

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Do you want to learn how to do a pirouette? Well, here is your chance! Dance expert Ali Geraets presents everything you need to know for learning how to do a pirouette. There are many different kinds of pirouette you can learn, however in this video you will be learning how to do a jazz pirouette. Right away, Ali expresses how she believes that anybody can become a great turner, but it all comes down to hard work and learning how to break down all the little details.

Ali begins with going over the basics of doing a pirouette. For instance, the first thing you do is prepare for the turn by making sure your feet are parallel and that you are pressing your shoulders down into the ground. Learn the best way to prep and where your weight should be when you prep. Be sure to tuck your ribs in and engage your abs as well. Preparing for your turn properly is going to make learning how to do a pirouette that much easier.

Walk through each step with Ali as she breaks down how to do a pirouette. Learn where to place your arms and your knee when executing a pirouette. Ali provides a few helpful tips for keeping your upper body aligned as well as some techniques for keeping your base leg fully straightened while doing a pirouette. It’s never too late to learn how to do a pirouette so use this tips and go start turning!