How to Do Leg Hold Turns

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Executing leg hold turns takes a great deal of strength and balance. Dance expert Ali Geraets breaks down how to do a leg hold turn in this Premium video. Learn a few different variations of leg hold turns and go through each position as you follow along.

Preparing for the leg hold turn is just as important as practicing the turn. In your preparation, be sure to go through your plie and utilize your arms. Continue by brushing through your first position and using that energy to get your leg up while using your arm strength to pull it towards you. Don’t let your body go down to your leg or you won’t be able to properly execute the turn.

Also, Ali teaches you another way to prepare for a leg hold turn. You will start by extending your right leg and use your plie to pull the leg up while pushing onto a straight supporting leg. With this leg hold turn, flexibility is definitely going to help with this one. Remember to use your arm muscles to get your leg to its highest point so that you can have a strong rotation when doing a leg hold turn. Watch as Ali’s dancers demonstrate these two variations of leg hold turns and have fun turning!