Intermediate Level Tendu Combination

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Learning different tendu combinations at the barre is a great way to advance in your ballet training as it allows you to practice tendus in a new way while forcing you to maintain the correct technique. Ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch presents to you an intermediate level tendu combination that encompasses variation in tendu movement and positions of the body.

There are several things you need to be thinking about while executing this exercise. For instance, when you go into your plié, make sure you don’t drop or sit into the hip and keep your chest lifted as well as your pelvis stable at all times. In addition, you want to make sure your toes point through as quickly as possible back to first. It’s better to point as quickly as possible so you prepare yourself for bigger skills like Jeté; so you’re training your feet to point as soon as they leave the ground. When you go to balance in sus-sous, or sous-sus, you want to gather both feet together at the same time in one solid motion. Find out another technique you can do when practicing this intermediate level tendu combination.