Intermediate Lyrical Combo

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This 30 second intermediate lyrical combo is taught by dance expert, Olivia Corcoran. You will start by facing the front with your feet apart and your head down. Head comes up 1-2, ball change 3-4, prep 5-6, double pirouette 7-8. From there, reach up 1-4 while you look up at your hand, prep to the left 5, battement with arms in a “L” on 6, step through 7 to run 8 for a little A jump 1-2, arms come down 3-4, fall over your right foot to the ground 5-8. Next, you will go up on your right knee to grab your left leg 1-4, sit to the back 5-6, reach over with your legs straight 7-8. Arms continue to reach up 1-2, stand to front 3-4, to roll up 5-8. From there, you will take two casual walks to the side 1-4, to run 5-6, firebird 7-8. After the leap, ron de jambe 1-2, step 3-4, arms come to shoulders as you walk back 5-8. Arms will open up 1-2, reach out 3-4, arms come down 5-6, arms swing 7-8.