Isolation Drills

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It’s so important to teach kids how to move their body and use it in ways they’re not used to. These combinations are not just for hip hop, but also jazz, contemporary, lyrical and every other style. In this video, dance experts, Adina Belanger and Ali Geraets explain ways to help dancers become more aware of ways their body’s move.

It’s often best to start with your head by moving it back and forth, tilting side to side, moving forward and backward, almost as if you’re giving yourself a double chin, and then rolling it around. An isolation exercise for your shoulders is rolling them forward and backward. You can also pull one up and down at a time and shrug them both at the same time.

An isolation exercise for your rib cage is to release forward as far as you can and then close and contract your ribcage. After that, try moving side to side, while keeping your rib cage right on top of the hips. A tip to help with this movement is to keep a little bend in your knees. You can also do the cat cow movement on their knees if you’re struggling to find the correct movement.

For your hips, work on a forward and backward pelvis movement. It may help to think about getting punched in the stomach.

Body rolls are used very often in many styles of dance. To start, use a wall and put the very top of your head on the wall, followed by your neck, shoulder, ribs, butt then reverse. This helps to understand the order of what goes first.

Lastly, one isolation exercise for the arms is to start with hand out and move it into a fist, then blade, bring your elbow up, switch to you other elbow, back to a blade, fist, and finish with your hand out.