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This video will teach you a lyrical dance that is choreographed and taught by dance expert, Brittney Schubert.

You will begin by doing a chainé turn to the right, picking your right leg up to passé and then cracking your arms to your chest. Next, you will brush your right leg up to an extension, facing the back. From there, you will come out of the extension through relevé to bring you to the front. You will do a glissade to the left, a big shoulder roll as you step with your left foot, reach your right arm forward, left arm forward, arms into your leg, relevé with your leg out and slowly release.

Next, you will reach your right arm up and around, push back, pas de bourré to prep for a triple pencil turn with a flexed foot and release out of it as you pull into your chest. After your turn, you will step back on your right foot as your right arm reaches around and left arm reaches up. Next, your right leg will come up and over to hit a parallel position to the side, step to the side, and take two dramatic slow walks.

The next part in this lyrical dance is to rand de jambe your left foot around, your right foot will flex out, hit your stomach, slowly look up, right arm out, left arm out and chassé to the right. Next, you will pick your right leg up for a single pirouette, keeping your focus to the front. From there, you will grab your leg with both hands and slowly release it back down. Then, you will do a double turned out pirouette in forced arch, fan out of the pirouette, step back on the right foot throwing your right arm over, reach out with right arm and contract in.

To finish the combination, you will take two slow walks back, jump up to a passé jump to the back, drop down to reach over and make the ending your own.