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A maxiford is a versatile move that can be done in place or across the floor. In this video, tap expert Kaleena Miller will demonstrate both ways this can be done.

A maxiford can either be done in one place or it can be done moving across the floor. A maxiford consists of a shuffle, a leap and hitting your toe. You start with a shuffle on your right foot, a leap in front of your leg landing on your right leg and a pop of your left foot behind. You can do a maxiford where you leave your foot on the ground behind you, but it leaves you in a place that is harder to move from. It is best to get in the habit of popping your toe up right after so you can move where ever right after. To do this move as you travel, you would just add a step in the beginning. You would step on your right foot, shuffle your left foot, leap to your left foot in front and then hit your right foot behind you.

This move should be done on the balls of your feet. You want to be sure there are no extra sounds between each move by letting your heel drop.