Medium Allegro Training: Drill #1

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In this video we will concentrate on working all the technique we’ve learned from petite allegro and adding on a few more complex moves. Ballet expert, Elizabeth Quinn Welch, will teach how to properly execute this medium allegro training drill.

In this combination, you will learn how to changement, soubresaut, royale, glissade, pas de chat and sissonne. As Elizabeth has mentioned in previous videos, a changement is changing the position of the feet in the air to land with the opposite foot in front. A soubresaut is a quick jump from two feet that lands in fifth position. In a soubresaut, you move forward a little bit. A royale is beating the legs once before changing positions. A glissade is sliding one foot out into a degage and performing a small leap to the other foot. Pas de chat translates to “cat’s step,” so think about jumping and getting air time during this jump. Both legs should come to a high passe. Lastly, a sissonne is a jump coming from two feet and splitting the legs like scissors in the air before landing.

This combination will begin in fifth position. From fifth position you will complete two changements into a soubresaut and royale. Your right foot should be back, so you will put that one out and glissade. After the glissade, you will perform your pas de chat. To finish the drill, you will complete two sissonne’s. You will jump onto your left leg for the first one and jump on your right leg for the second one.

When doing the pas de chat, really focus on lifting yourself and getting air time. The goal is to resemble a cat jumping. Both feet should be coming in to the air at the same time, but landing one foot at a time.