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Many dancers often underestimate how valuable stretching is, especially before and after dancing. Also, stretching greatly contributes to the overall performance and health of dancers. Partner stretching is a great and fun way to stretch your muscles as well as increase in your flexibility. There are a few things to keep in mind when stretching with a partner. For instance, making sure the person being stretched is in control and the appropriate amount of resistance or pressure is being communicated. Safety is extremely important and is stressed in this video when partner stretching is being demonstrated.

Dance expert Ali Geraets provides a collection of partner stretching techniques in this Premium dance training video. Learn the benefits of each partner stretch presented as well as how to properly and most effectively execute these stretches.

Butterfly Stretch
The first stretch being demonstrated is called a Butterfly stretch. This partner stretching exercise works your hips, groin and inner thigh muscles. Find out how both partners can benefit from this stretch by changing one partner's body position. Also, learn how to identify the appropriate amount of time you should be holding this stretch.

Pike Stretch
The second stretch Ali teaches you is called a Pike stretch. This stretch works your hamstrings and your lower back muscles. Watch as this exercise is demonstrated and how it can be altered to benefit dancers with any flexibility level. Ali addresses the importance of maintaining straight legs when doing this partner stretching exercise as well as having the feet pointed and elongated. See how you can do this pike stretch with your legs turned out or parallel.

Straddle Stretch
Another stretch presented in this video is called a Straddle stretch. Ali walks you through how to properly do this partner stretch while she has her dancers demonstrate. Also, learn how you can create more resistance for the person being stretched. This is a helpful tip for those dancers who may be extremely flexible and may need a little extra push to feel the stretch.

Wall Stretch
A partner wall stretch is another great stretch for dancers to advance in their flexibility training. This exercise provides a light arm workout for one partner as their job is to hold and push the other partner’s leg up. Watch as Ali’s dancers demonstrate how to correctly do this stretch and find out different ways you can alter this stretch to focus on stretching different muscles.

Use these partner stretching techniques to quickly improve in your flexibility while having fun stretching with a friend!