Petite Allégro Training: Drill #2

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Petite allegro training is important to practice in ballet because the are most often used as the in between movements in combinations or dances. In this video, ballet expert, Elizabeth Quinn Welch, will teach you a petite allegro training drill.

In this video we talk about five movements including glissade, jete, assemble, soubersaut and changement. Glissade is when you brush your leg out and jump to the other while landing in fifth position. Jete is when you extend one leg and jump off the other. Jete refers to many jumps, but in this drill it will be a small jump where we land in coupe. Assemble is when two legs join together in the air and like in fifth position. Soubersault is a quick jump from two feet and lands on two feet in fifth position. This jump is used when you travel forward slightly. Lastly, a changement is when you jump and change the position of your feet in the air to land with the opposite foot in front. We will put all of these to use in this combination.

You will begin with your right leg in front in fifth position. From there, you will glissade to your left leg, landing in fifth with your left leg in front. Then you will jete onto your left foot, landing in coupe. You will then repeat the same thing on your other side. Next, you will go to fifth position with your right leg in front, brush your right foot forward and jump to it landing with both feet together in fifth position. Then, you will do soubersaut, which is squeezing your legs together and moving forward slightly. Lastly, you will do your changement, which is squeezing your leg together and switching your feet in the air. You should now have your left foot in front in fifth position and be ready to do this drill on the other side.