Piques Across the Floor

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Piques are a great asset to both combinations during dance class and for competition dances. In this video, ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch will show the proper technique for pique turns.

Pique translates to the word “pricking.” This describes how a dancer transfers his or her weight onto a leg on full releve. To begin a pique turn for across the floor combinations, start with your right foot in tondue. You will do a demi rond de jambe, which is basically a circular movement of the leg. Since this is a demi rond de jambe, you will only complete half of a circle. After the demi rond de jambe, you will pique onto your full and highest releve, close back in sus-sous and do another demi rond de jambe. You will do this three times as a single pique turn, then a double pique turn, two more single pique turns and the slide your right foot out to your finishing pose.