Ron de Jambe Intermediate Level Combination

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In this Premium video, ballet expert Elizabeth Quinn Welch teaches you an intermediate level Rond de Jambe par terre combination. This combo does incorporate some rond de jambes en l'air, meaning in the air. It is critical you keep your leg on the same plane when doing the en l'air portion of the combination. Notice Elizabeth’s porta bra throughout the combination and how this exercise is not just about the leg, it’s about your entire body. When working at any skill at the barre, the most effective and efficient way to improve is to be aware of your entire body. With this rond de jambe exercise, think about maintaining proper body alignment as you focus on isolating the working leg. It’s a full-body experience. After you do the rond de jambe combination twice through, work on your porta bra. Start working on your rond de jambes today with this intermediate-level combination.