Strength Training for A La Seconde Turns

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Strength training is a very important component for executing a la seconde turns. Dance expert Ali Geraets provides a number of drills that will greatly benefit each and every dancer.

Drill #1:

The first strength training drill in this video focuses on strengthening the leg for when you’re turning. Begin this exercise with a tendu of the right leg in front of you. Make sure you keep your shoulders on top of your hips as you maintain a strong upper body. Ali addresses the importance of thinking about rotating the turnout of both legs. Watch for upper body movement as well as hips twisting as many dancers often struggle with that when doing this drill.

Drill #2:

The second strength training drill presented focuses on strengthening the upper body and controlling body alignment. Go through each step of this drill for a la seconde turns with Ali as she addresses a few important techniques to keep in mind when doing this exercise. Watch as Ali’s dancers demonstrate these two strength training exercises.

Drill #3:

As a special bonus, Ali teaches you one of her favorite strength training drills for a la seconde turns. This is a more difficult exercise as it is much more challenging to open and close your leg while lying on the floor. Ali always tells her dancers, “If you can do it in this position, it’s going to make it a lot easier for when you are actually turning.” Learn how to execute this exercise correctly and find out what many dancers do to compensate as they do this drill. Watch as Ali’s dancer demonstrates a few different ways to cheat this exercise as well.

Drill #4:

The last strength training drill you’ll learn is an exercise for at the barre. This is a great drill for working on controlling the position of the body while strengthening the leg for doing a la seconde turns. See how this exercise encompasses the use of your plié and your Relevé. Also, be sure to think about maintaining a strong turnout.

Use these strength training drills today to quickly improve your a la seconde turns.