Ways to get en pointe

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Getting en pointe is very important to be able to do anything in ballet, especially for routines. To learn a drill that involves both the Russian and Italian methods to get en pointe, watch this video with Elizabeth Quinn Welch.

Depending on the type of ballet you are studying, there are two different ways to get en pointe. The two ways are either to roll through or spring up. When you roll through, you use every part of your foot to get en pointe. When you spring up, you go from plie to spring right up to the top of the box. Spring up is typically known as the Russian method. Roll through is typically known as the Italian method.

An exercise to help getting used to going en pointe is to start at the barre and use both methods. Both methods can be used interchangeably in practice or in a routine, so it’s important to be used to both. You start in first position and do eight spring up methods and eight roll through methods. Once you have completed these in first position, you can do them in any other position. Be sure to practice this on both the right side and the left side.

For more of a challenge, don’t rely too much on the barre to help you up. The point of this exercise is to form muscles to help you get en pointe by yourself. With that being said, it is most beneficial for you to only hold the bar with a finger or two so you’re not using all your weight to help push you up.